Our Fraud and Security tools affords merchants the peace of mind needed to remain focused on growing their business. Online Payment Payment gateway is compliant with all major card associations’ rules and regulations. We employ the latest in encryption tools and secure socket layering, offering superior account protection.

3-D Secure

3-D Secure offers an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions, validating that the online shopper is actually the cardholder. It enables cardholders to create a PIN, or ‘secure code,’ and assign it to their credit card. During checkout, the customer is prompted to enter their credit card PIN. The cardholder’s identity can then be confirmed by their credit card provider.

3-D Secure adds another authentication step for online payments. Merchants are encouraged to use 3-D Secure to achieve higher coverage against fraud losses. When a merchant does not use 3-D Secure they are liable for fraudulent transactions even if the transaction was properly authorized. Cardholders who aren’t enrolled in 3D Secure will not notice any change to their transaction process.

Secure Tokenization

Secure Tokenization lets merchants facilitate PCI Compliance by no longer storing customers’ sensitive card details. We generate random unique tokens for each customer, and for each of their credit or electronic check payment accounts. Merchants simply submit this token each time a customer makes a purchase or payment.

Our Secure Tokenization service promotes both convenience and security – customers no longer need to re-enter their information for each purchase and merchants never store any sensitive payment card information. And, cardholders can change or add their payment account at any time.

If you are a company seeking a secure and convenient way for customers to pay their bills, or an online retailer with either one-time or repeat customers, Secure Tokenization provides a safe and effective way for merchants of all sizes and business types to handle and secure their customer information.

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